Byblos, considered by many historians to be the oldest continually inhabited city in the world, is a bustling and cosmopolitan metropolis found on the Mediterranean coast of modern-day Lebanon.

The Phoenicians who founded ancient Byblos used innovations in naval technique and navigation to become the first masters of the sea. They used their sea-faring skills to create valuable international trade routes and founded a rich and flourishing empire. The port of Byblos became their cultural and economic capital, and as the city grew it became a melting pot rich in new ideas and advances.

It was during this time the Phoenician alphabet was created. The new alphabet introduced a novel system of communication – one that utilised symbols to represent the sounds of words rather than symbols for the objects they resembled.  This script illuminated new thoughts and debates, allowed ideas to travel further than ever before, and gave birth to the alphabet that we use today.
Famed for their lavish hospitality and warmth (and the central role of food in their culture), the modern Lebanese have fused eastern flavours, ingredients and spirit, with western technique, method and refinement. This fusion of flavours, ideas and inspiration is embodied in the Mediterranean approach to cuisine.

Melbourne, one of the true cosmopolitan cities of the modern world, carries on the spirit of adventure and innovation shown by the Phoenician sailors thousands of years ago.  As a portside city and an important portal between East and West, Melbourne is a perfect location to experience the flavours and tastes of ancient Byblos, and reawaken your own spirit of adventure.

We hope you enjoy your experience!