Lebanese known Chef Nicolas Mattar, came from coastal City of Jounieh in Lebanon to take the role as head chef for Byblos Melbourne. The Byblos Dining Menu is built upon a foundation of classic Mediterranean recipes and culinary techniques. Chef Nicola’s years of experience and traditional Lebanese influence on the menu has enhanced the foundations with imaginative, inspired twists, embracing newer, lighter cooking styles and methods. All of our dishes are created using the freshest, highest quality ingredients available and are created with a passion to meet world-class standards.

The Byblos Drinks Menu is extensive, to say the least. We have amassed one of the most diverse collections of spirits and liqueurs in the nation. Our wine list offers a wide range of both New World and Old World wines. The Cocktail list is updated seasonally and features house-made syrups, reductions and glazes that show an emphasis on diversity and taste.

The Byblos Menus are available for download. Please review by clicking on of the links below.